March 25, 2019

Episode 36, Celia Siegel

Paul and Sean speak with VO Marketing and Branding Expert Celia Siegel. Plus our epic Mic Shootout!

March 18, 2019

Sneak Peek, Celia Siegel

Paul and Sean are joined by VO branding and marketing expert Celia Siegel

Paul and Sean are joined by Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson of Gravy For The Brain. Also, a special announcement by J. Michael Collins. Plus QUESTIONABLE GEAR PURCHASES. 

February 28, 2019

Special Episode, Matt Dubois

Sean and Paul Speak with Matt Dubois of

Sean and Paul are joined by Co-Founder of Gravy For The Brain Peter Dickson.

We are joined by Hugh Edwards from Gravy For The Brain. This is the first of a three part interview segment. Stay tuned for Peter Dickson and J. Michael Collins. 

We meet with 2/3 of The Voice Over Collective and co-founders of The VO Weekly Workout, Brad Venable and Tim Friedlander. Plus, a special fan QUESTIONABLE GEAR PURCHASE by Curt Bonnem

Due to the embarrassment of riches we have received in the form of guests and speakers we have decided to release a sneak peak of the upcoming episode. We are joined by Voice Actors and founders of the VO Weekly Workout, Brad Venable and Tim Friedlander.

December 6, 2018

Episode 33 MAVO 2018

We talk about our experiences at the Mid Atlantic Voice Over Conference, or MAVO 2018 as The Official Podcast Partner. Ken Foster joined us on site to help out with the interviews and we get to hear a VO Meter Schtick by MAVO 2018 door prize winner Doug Schuetz

We had the distinct pleasure of recording at MAVO 2018...over 2 hours worth of gold! So, we are going to release out the interviews in full over the next few weeks until we can compile the highlights into our next episode. Here is interview number 17, Anna and Joseph Stefano.

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